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Guidance and Counseling Support

The guidance department works collaboratively with all students to develop a four-year plan that outlines their education.  All students regardless of academic ability meet with their counselor or guidance technician and select classes, discuss future career plans, trouble-shoot personal and academic issues, map out a plan for their high school career and complete college and financial aid applications.  Special education students have annual IEP meetings. Students are given access to a variety of testing opportunities from the ASVAB to the SAT/ACT.  The guidance department holds parent meetings upon the request of the teachers and/or the parents or as part of the intervention program.  The guidance staff is diligent about updating students with the latest scholarship and internship opportunities, leadership workshops, career development opportunities, college tours, and guest speakers.  Regular announcements are posted in the guidance office, listed in the Harmony bulletin, and announced daily by ASB members. “All calls” home are used to communicate important information related to college and career such as deadlines for scholarships.


The Harmony Magnet Academy staff is aware of students' personal, career, and academic interests.  Because of the small school size, relatively small class sizes, and the scheduling of students in pathway cohorts with pathway-designated teachers, staff members have opportunities to really support students in achieving their goals. Harmony Magnet Academy takes a holistic approach to students' interests by insuring they are informed about the world of work and career options both inside and outside of the classroom.  Students have opportunities to explore career options in pathway elective classes, prepare cover letters/resumes/application and practice job interviewing skills in English classes, participate in mock interviews and internships working with industry partners in the community through the guidance department and district Pathway Office.  HMA hosts an engineering week as well as a performing arts week. Some of the activities may include information booths, research projects and guest speakers.



To meet the needs of other students who may have an academically challenging course, after school and lunch time tutoring is available.  Peer tutors are current Harmony students who excel academically and are provided an internship for their efforts.  They are available after school on Mondays through Thursdays from 3:30 to 5:00. Students selected for the intervention program must sign a contract stating they will attend tutoring with their teacher or the peer tutoring program.