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Principal's Message

Parents/Guardians and Students,


It is my pleasure to welcome you to the 2021-2022 school year. During this summer break, your faculty and staff are preparing diligently. The faculty continues to develop engaging and meaningful projects and performance tasks. In 2020-21, even with limited opportunities HMA students shined: The National Academy Foundation once again recognized both performing arts and engineering as “Distinguished Academies.” Students also excelled at the Regional MESA competition. HMA will continue to provide students with opportunities maintaining our National Blue-Ribbon distinction. I am confident we will rise to the same level of accomplishment this coming school year. The incoming 9th grade class near 150 students will begin their journey, at Harmony, with the expectation of continued academic excellence “college and career ready.” We are also excited that our students will benefit from a well-rounded experience, which includes a strong activities program. Whether it is clubs, ASB, link crew, or sports at Strathmore High School, we are confident students will find many opportunities to connect to HMA. You can also access additional HMA information through the Harmony Website https://harmony.portervilleschools.org/


Your faculty and staff at Harmony Magnet Academy are dedicated educators committed to your student’s success. They continue to attend rigorous staff development workshops, which are designed to increase their technical skills and teaching abilities. The Link-Learning model of instruction includes the implementation of integrated projects and a systematic hands-on approach connecting students to the curriculum in a meaningful way. This also is the method that will allow us to implement California State curriculum at a much higher level. History has confirmed that HMA is maintaining fidelity to the model by producing college and career qualified students’ year in and year out. As part of the 10-year Graduation Summary; 45.6% of students attended a 4-year college or university; 47.3% 2-year college; all others chose the military, technical school or employment. The graduating class of 2021 received over $500,000 dollars in scholarship funding. Not bad for a pandemic year.


Harmony Magnet Academy’s success is a result of our campus community working together with parents, advisory boards, and business partners ensuring our students have every opportunity to succeed. We must take the time to celebrate our accomplishments but we must also understand that it is through hard work and continued commitment, that we will achieve consistent success. Additionally, I would also encourage you to become involved by joining the parent Harmony Magnet Academy Foundation, which will be engaged in activities throughout the year in support of student programs. Parents may also enroll in the Parent Institute for Quality Education (PIQE) program this fall gaining a deeper understanding regarding student options for college and career. The PIQE program is tentatively set to begin on Tuesday October 13th 2021.


Please feel free to contact any member of the staff if you have any questions or concerns.


Best Regards,
Jeff Brown
HMA Principal