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Principal's Message

October 5, 2020


Parents/Guardians and Students,

These past seven months have been quite an experience for all of us.  School has reopened with some major adjustments.  Even though, there have been many challenges, I feel that the staff at Harmony has done a very good job of transitioning to a distance learning model.  That being said, I realize that students have also been challenged during this time. They may not have been able to attain a level of proficiency coming into this year because of learning loss, which occurred last spring. Therefore, the faculty has focused on filling in some of those gaps and by slowing the pace down significantly.  To be fair, this will give students an opportunity to learn concepts or receive clarity to ensure success moving on to the new subject material.

Normally, I would be communicating the many triumphs achieved by our students competing in various competitions such as: The Southern California Gas Challenge, the Project Lead the Way Challenge and the Regional MESA competition. Students would have also shined in our theater productions and musical concerts. Regardless, many students did participate virtually in many internships and school projects such as: 3D printing visors for health care workers, presenting a building design for the new Porterville Library, and producing the HMA graduation video to name a few.  Students also participated in virtual STEM camps developed by the PUSD Pathways Office through our major partners QUALCOMM and Sun Power.  Harmony was recognized in 2017-18 as a National Blue Ribbon school and The National Academy Foundation once again recognized both performing arts and engineering as “Distinguished Academies” for 2020. We are also excited that our students will benefit from a well-rounded experience and will find many opportunities to connect to HMA.      

Your faculty and staff at Harmony Magnet Academy are dedicated educators committed to your student’s success.  The Link-Learning model of instruction includes the implementation of integrated projects and a systematic hands-on approach connecting students to the curriculum in a meaningful way. History has confirmed that HMA is maintaining fidelity to the model by producing college and career qualified students’ year in and year out.  Our 9-year graduation summary indicates that 94% of HMA students attend college.  Harmony Magnet Academy’s success is a result of our campus community working together with parents, advisory boards, and business partners.  Additionally, I would also encourage you to become involved by joining the parent Harmony Magnet Foundation.  Parents may also enroll in the Parent Institute for Quality Education (PIQE) program acquiring a deeper understanding regarding student options for college and career.  The PIQE program began the week of September 9, 2020.

Best Regards,



Jeff Brown 

HMA Principal