2018 Chevron Design Challenge

Teams were composed of three students, all of whom have completed, or are currently enrolled in, a PLTW IED or ID class. 14 teams were given a design brief in the morning and had the entire day to work together and create an original design that meets the design specifications given. Their task was to help a school organization organize supplies or equipment for events.  The team chose the Harmonics because of all the performances they go to each year.  They designed a unique trailer to quickly load instruments, music stands, binders, and tux/dress for the performance. At various times during the day, the teams were required to submit sketches, assembly drawings, parts drawings and an exploded view with Parts List for judging. At the end of the day, they gave a short presentation of their design to a panel of engineers. 

They will now go to the state championships on May 5th in Pleasanton to compete in a similar competition.